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Great Homeschool Convention Top Five

Just a few weeks ago, I attended the Great Homeschool Convention in Fort Worth, TX. Yeah, and it rocked! Below you’ll find my Top Five Reasons the #GHC2018 Rocked!


5. Downtown is Fun

Isn’t downtown fun? The shops. The city streets. The food. Arlington didn’t disappoint. We took the kids to a park with a ninja-climbing area and also several blocks of gorgeous fountains. There were definitely some fun things to see.


4. Quality Time with Loved Ones

If you can get away with the girlfriends, that’s pretty rad. Countless mom friends visited our Little Lamb Books booth. They had coffee and flawless hair. These moms were having that get-away moment that we all can benefit from. If you decide to make it family time–like I did this go-round, Abeka had an aquarium petting area. Some booths, including ours, were giving away fun kid freebies. We found this little restaurant near our hotel. It was sooooo good and super chill with the kids. Either way, you’re going to have a good time with your loved ones. And if you’re like me, meeting fellow Lambie book people face-to-face for the FIRST TIME? Totally the bee’s knees.


3. Curriculum, Curriculum, Curriculum!

New to homeschooling? Go. Homeschool veteran? Go. There is something for everyone. It’s official: we will never know everything. Even if you’ve been homeschooling for years, there will always be some new, interesting book or idea that you can totally use. If you are new to homeschooling, try not to get overwhelmed. Remember, it’s about your kids, your family. God’s got you.


2. Guest Speakers

The guest speakers are out in full force. Seriously. It is so cool. I attended several sessions. I can’t begin to tell you how encouraging it is to hear God working in lives. I was privileged to also have a speaking session. We talked activities. We talked teaching management. I was just as blessed by this time of sharing.


1. Christian Community

You are surrounded by other Christian parents. They are wanting God’s will for their children. They are learning and having fun. The camaraderie hands-down makes the event.



I was partying down at the Little Lamb Books booth.

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