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Five Minute Friday — Be Not Afraid!

What’s Five Minute Friday about?
**Do you ever find yourself wishing you could add scripture to your day? What about your child’s day? And if your anything like me, your days are already totally maxed out on time.
Then you’ve come to the right place.
This blog is for that uber-busy parent who could truly benefit from a five-minute Bible lesson with your child. Yes, these lessons are literally five minutes long and posted weekly.
That’s something I can get excited about.**



Index Card




Lesson: Be Not Afraid!


As many of you guys know, I like to begin lessons with prayer. This is an opportune time to ask God to give you, the teacher, the words that are pleasing to Him and helpful to your students. My kids and I did this exact lesson a few weeks ago. My daughter has become, as many children do, afraid of the dark. So, guess what? This was a perfect moment to show her that God’s Word isn’t just for church or Bible time; it’s here to guide us every day, everywhere. You can name a few things that you are all scared of. Then, read Joshua 1:9. Discuss how God is with us at all times, and He does not want us to be afraid, but instead, He wants us to be courageous. Wow! What power in those words! Now, your child can write this scripture on an index card and tape it to a place where he or she needs reminded to have courage and remember God is always there. I pray this lesson is a blessing to you and your family.


I would LOVE to see your taped scripture. Feel free to post these to my Twitter/Facebook pages. Talk about encouraging!


Happy taping, and as always, happy reading!


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