Five Minute Friday – Tell Others!

What’s Five Minute Friday about?
**Do you ever find yourself wishing you could add scripture to your day? What about your child’s day? And if your anything like me, your days are already totally maxed out on time.
Then you’ve come to the right place.
This blog is for that uber-busy parent who could truly benefit from a five-minute Bible lesson with your child. Yes, these lessons are literally five minutes long and posted weekly.
That’s something I can get excited about.**



Paper & Pen (chalkboard works awesome too)



After the beginning prayer, read Mark 16:15. Discuss the meaning. The Bible tells us to share Jesus with the world! How exciting is that! We had a truly beautiful moment in our family Bible time last week. We read a story about a missionary and how he shared Jesus with a village. I drew a circle on the chalkboard that represented the missionary. I drew more circles and connected them to the missionary. I drew more circles around each of those. It became this huge connected chart on the board. We discussed how all of these people were helping to grow God’s kingdom. Wow! You can even talk about how your child’s Sunday school teacher shares with kids who share with other kids. What a neat illustration to help children better understand growing the kingdom of God. I pray that this lesson is a blessing to you and your family.


Happy sharing, and as always, happy reading!


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