Seven Things That Should Have Never Been Pumpkin-Spiced

I love fall, but what is up with pumpkin spice everything? Lately, I’ve seen face masks, bacon, and even deodorant. What?!


Sadly enough, the products below actually exist.


  1. Water. Yup, it exists. I looked it up. Sounds…refreshing?
  2. Sunscreen. This just doesn’t paint a pretty picture to me. All hot and sticky, smelling like pumpkin spice.
  3. Pet Cologne. That lovely natural dog aroma combined with pumpkin spice. Fancy.
  4. Kale chips. Nope.
  5. Salsa. I’m a salsa lover, but that’s too much going on.
  6. Costume. There is a literal costume. You can BE pumpkin spice. Who did this?
  7. Sausage. Yes, let that thought simmer for a while.


So, yes, this was just a fun and crazy list I put together. If you love all that is pumpkin spice, enjoy these products and more! If not, Christmas is coming!


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