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Watch God’s Creation Grow

What’s Five Minute Friday about?
**Do you ever find yourself wishing you could add scripture to your day? What about your child’s day? And if your anything like me, your days are already totally maxed out on time.
Then you’ve come to the right place.
This blog is for that uber-busy parent who could truly benefit from a five minute Bible lesson with your child. Yes, these lessons are literally five minutes long and posted weekly.
That’s something I can get excited about.**




Paper Towel

Plastic Bag



After prayer, read Genesis 1:29. Discuss how God created plants for people and animals to eat. Have your child name some of the plants that he knows and eats. Praise God for his creation! Now, you can make a little greenhouse. How fun! Prepare by lightly wetting a paper towel and placing it in a Ziploc bag. Then, drop a bean inside the bag. Tape the bag in an area that receives sunlight. It’s as easy as that! Your entire family can watch God’s miracle grow. Our bean plants are in the window, growing as I type this blog post. Here is an up close picture of its progress.

I pray that this lesson is a blessing to you and your family.

Happy growing, and as always, happy reading!


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