With Love

admin / December 3, 2018

With Christmas soon arriving, for many of us, this also means family nearness. And don’t emotions almost always run high, whether you’re elated to see a family member you’ve missed, or, and that’s a BIG or, you may be spending time with family members who are eager to belittle or argue. First, take a deep breath. Remember, God’s got you…

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A Little Christmas Cinema

admin / December 4, 2017

I’m breaking away from the usual book chat today and doing something a little different. How about those traditional Christmas movies? I think most of us have them—the movies we watch every Christmas that help us get in that warm, fuzzy mood. Below are five movies that my family watch each and every Christmas. Do you have a few to…

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Crab Cakes & Happy Campers

      Our little family is a family of four. Though we aren’t the biggest family (not even close, really), it is quite the task to cook something that everyone will eat without the usual prodding from me. There is one dish, however, that I can always count on: crab cakes. This dish is one of our family favorites,…

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