A Children’s Bible Lesson

The below Bible lesson is what the AWANA Sparkies did during big group time last night. It’s fresh in my mind and ready for your elementary students!




Scripture Paper (Provided below)


Paper plates or small baggies

That’s it! Woohoo!



This is the paper I used. Here it is, ready for the taking!

M&M Scriptures

Kids can fill in the space with the designated color.

We then passed out the M&Ms. I had them divided into baggies. They don’t need a ton, just enough to have at least one of each color. You can also just plop onto paper plates at this point. We’ve had a lot of sickness with the flu this year, so I thought baggies might help the problem of kids dropping the M&Ms and eating them from the floor. I know. But I’ve totally seen that happen.

The kids put their baggies onto their papers during my speaking time. This prevented baggie sounds.

Before asking questions, I made it clear that sharing was optional. If something is very personal to your family, you may want to keep it that way. No problem.

So, I first asked if they had any worries they would like to share. Several did. They varied from sicknesses to school work, and etc.. We then read the scripture about worry and discussed that God wants you to give that worry to him in prayer. He doesn’t want you to feel stressed. He’s God. He made the stars, and He loves you, and He wants you to pray to Him and trust His will for you.

Once we read and discussed each scripture, the kids would get to eat that color M&M. It was candy, so, hello, they seemed to really enjoy themselves.

I found it so interesting. Kids shared their fears–many were afraid of the dark. They shared their praises to God. They shared their anger issues. We talked about the scriptures for all of these and more. God wants you to rely on His Word for guidance. It was a very rewarding night, as always, to be a teacher.

I reminded kids that they can keep the paper, and when they’re feeling scared, or frustrated, or sad, etc., they can refer to it and read and pray these scriptures to God.

I pray that you guys are blessed with this as well. If you use the lesson, I would love to hear how it goes.


As always, happy reading!


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